About 365DaysofSport


So what is it all about

365 Days of Sport is the challenge to go and watch 365 different sports in the span of 365 days, no matter where they take place on the planet. And not just any sports event – we will try and get to the biggest, the most prestigious, the world championships of each and every sport that fits into our calendar. This blog will record every last detail of every sporting event for posterity. We will take video, do interviews and post it all here. At the end of the 365 Days we will have the ultimate sporting almanac for sports lovers across the world.


Beefy is a former International cricketer that has an obscene obsession with all things sport.


Beefy is from Newport, Wales and now lives in Melbourne. Beefy has attended well over 4000 sporting events all over the world, at some of the most famous stadia on the planet, including Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cups, Boxing World Title Fights etc. BUT Beefy has also been to the Bahrain Football Cup Final, speedway in Norway, cockroach racing in Brisbane, and frog racing in Fiji to name but a few weird and wonderous sporting events.

The my life of sport blog has been borne out of 15 years of drunken conversations between a number of mates. It will be updated regularly as new sports are attended. There will be a fresh challenge each week and as the blog is developed further it will lead to the ultimate life of sport challenge.

All will be revealed in good time. Keep coming back, keep reading, keep up the fun and most of all keep sending me feedback. I love to read your comments!

Keep smiling 8P



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