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365 Days of Sport is the Unique Challenge to go and experience 365 DIFFERENT SPORTS in the space of 365 Days.

Starting with the Australian Forklifting Championships on 23rd October and finishing at the Crazy Golf World Championships in Hastings, England on 22nd October 2016.

We will show you every one of these sports and events in our own inimitable way.

We need sponsors to make this happen.



Click here or the logo to view our Indiegogo Crowdfunding Appeal



The ultimate goal of this blog is to go and experience a year of sports – and not just any sports – EVERY SPORT YOU COULD EVER THINK OF! From cheese rolling to bog snorkeling, from yukigassen to sepak takraw and not forgetting all the motor sport and football codes. Then I will report and review them here. There will be a development of our youtube channel to accompany this blog.

So, 365 different sports across a span of 365 days, across all 5 continents.

I am chasing sponsors (airlines, hotels, car hire, telecommunications) to cover some of the essential costs of this.

I am chasing media partners to syndicate the 365 Days of Sport Channel as it develops (web, newspaper, radio, TV)

Any help would be gratefully appreciated – even if it simply just spreading the word about this site. All suggestions are welcome and will never be ignored.

Thanking everybody in advance for all your support.



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