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ARCHERY – October 27th – Twin City Archers, Morwell



Beefy & Rob headed east from Melbourne to Morwell as 140 Archers competed in the Australian National Championships. Two disciplines were being contested – Target and Field. As the name implies, target shooting is shooting at targets at different distances. Archers get to shoot 1440 arrows in a session over a variety of distances, scoring highest the closer you get to the centre of the target.


Field archery is contested over a cross country course of 24 targets. You shoot 3 arrows per target and they can be over a varied range of distances and terrains. The targets can be hidden and obscured by trees, hills or bushes. The archers need to become very creative with their shots as they dont get to practice before they get on the course.



NETBALL – October 25th – Hisense Arena, Melbourne



The Constellation Cup is contested between Australia and New Zealand – the two top nations in the world of Netball. It is played on a 4 match basis being split across the two countries. Australia had already won the two matches played in New Zealand and only needed to win one of their matches to add this trophy to the World Cup they had won earlier in the year – consequently by beating the Kiwis in the final!

Netball Test 1

10,000 people crammed themselves into Hisense Arena to watch the two best teams in the world go at it. The Kiwis came from 8 goals down in the third quarter to win 50-47 and keep the series alive going into the fourth rubber.

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