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FLOORBALL – August 11th – Glen Waverly, Melbourne Australia

It wasn’t an organised competition, more of a Monday night social hit-out.

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BICYCLE POLO – July 27th – Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne Australia



On a freezing cold hung over Sunday, the attendance of Beefy and I at an afternoon session of Bike Polo seemed questionable. However with the monumental task ahead of us next year, (enduring 365 different sports in the space of 365 days) one suspects working hung over and freezing, might be a daily occurrence… so best we start training now!
So Bike Polo you say? What’s this business about? It’s quite simple really – it’s like regular polo – but with three essential changes;

  • the horses are replaced with bikes
  • the field is replaced with a basketball court
  • the status-obsessed show pony upper class wankers, are replaced with some cider-drinking beard-growing hippies.

Wandering about Flagstaff Gardens wrapped up in scarf and long coat, the main question on my mind was “Where is this Flagstaff then?” I could not find one anywhere! And I put it to you that there is not one flagstaff in Flagstaff Gardens – very poorly named, totally misleading. Although saying that, I didn’t actually circle the entire park so I could be wrong…

The next big test came as I stumbled upon the local bowls club. The force is strong in me, and as I searched my feelings I sensed the presence of beer in the clubhouse. Despite all my natural instincts, on this occasion I withheld and didn’t turn to the dark side; it seemed I would continue with the proposed Bike Polo agenda. Damn this Bike Polo!

Myself and two drunk bums made up the bulk of the spectators as I took a seat at a local picnic bench to observe. The bums brought their own beer… why didn’t I think of that?

It wasn’t an organised competition, more of a Sunday social get-together. Surprisingly though I was quite impressed with the game. There was a great deal of action and vigour, and in time I have no doubt they’ll gain a much higher calibre of spectator than what was in attendance today.

Half an hour later Beefy arrived and it was time to get to work!


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