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MUSIC (90s) – March 31st – Counting Crows @ Hamar Hall

The Counting Crows provided many a happy memory for me in the mid 90s. I’ve always liked their music and the last time I saw them was in a Dallas nightclub in 1994! When the opportunity came to see them in Melbourne, I jumped at the chance. I ended up with a 3rd row seat too which I thought would add to the occasion. I’m not a big fan of sit-down venues, but I guess that the demographic of their concert goers contributed to that choice. I would have loved to have seen them in a more gig-friendly venue, but hey, they were here.

Now if I told you I went to see Counting Crows, you would immediately think of their biggest and well-known hits like Accidentally in Love, Round Here, Omaha, the Big Yellow Taxi cover and that worldwide smash hit Mr. Jones. Now what would you think if I told you that they DIDN’T PLAY ANY OF THESE!!! Yet, they did play for 2 hours and they musicianship was great, but I left the concert hall hard done by, to say the least. The set was low key and quite laid back, and totally the opposite of what I was expecting. It was probably a godsend as I was recovering from Easter Egg overdose anyway!!!!


Mr. Duritz – yes, he of Winona Ryder, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Christina Applegate fame –  has put on a little weight, let his mopped dreadlocks get way out of control, but is a storyteller through his music. I get the feeling he thinks of himself as the black Van Morrison. There is a quote commonly attributed to Duritz “My life isn’t necessarily more important than anyone else’s: I’m just better at talking about it.”In itself, it sums up the successful song writer and sums up the talent it takes to turn emotions and feelings into something that people in the street can relate to. Duritz’s songs are full of reality, and crucially the music they are set to is effectively inoffensive, and doesn’t get in the way of the story it is telling. I admire/envy Duritz and his band for that ability.

There were rumours he was suffering from mental illness or what is more commonly termed “craziness” in the mid to late 2000s, hence why the band went a bit quiet for quite a while until 2012’s album release, Underwater Sunshine – which is a covers album, so they haven’t really done any new stuff since the Space Shuttle became grounded and only one album since England won their last Grand Slam!


The banter between songs wasn’t up to much either. “This song is about the future, which was written in the past, about the future.” A bit lame really. At one stage Duritz went to play the piano and tried 4 times to get a song started. In the end he allegedly decided to get a running start as he “hadn’t played for 3 months and had forgotten how to” – like I said, all a bit lame. At the end of the encore Adam Duritz stood at the front of the stage and declared “We’ve played for two hours, and these were our songs.” California Dreaming blasted out whilst Duritz stood at the front of the stage solo and hugged himself for a good 30 seconds before leaving stage left.

This was the most upbeat track of the night.

Now I have to admit, I am a bit of a punk rocker, and sets like this one, quite laid back and emotive aren’t exactly my cup of tea. The 40+ers that were on date night loved it and the females (single, attached or other) are still in love with Mr. Duritz. The Counting Crows are tight. The band members play 2 or 3 instruments each, flicking between mandolin, slide guitar, xylophone, accordian etc.. Considering they haven’t had any chart success since 2003 and 2004 and that was with a cover song and a track from a children’s film, it is surprising that they are still held in high regard. However, if you don’t give the public what they want to hear, then you will quickly fade from view. No doubt within 2 or 3 years (possibly sooner with all these festivals kicking around now) we will see the “Greatest Hits Tour” to regenerate their ailing fan base.

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Apologies for the delay, but I’m back…..

Yes, I know… I will still be attempting to fill in the 11 months I neglected to update to the site. I have over 100 events that I need to update you all with.

The worst thing is that I am also being more slack in the fact that since January I have been busy, busy, busy:-

Sunday 3rd February – AMERICAN FOOTBALL – Superbowl in New Orleans – Baltimore Ravens vs San Fransisco 49ers

Monday 4th February – ICE HOCKEY – Houston Aeros vs San Antonio Rampage

Wednesday 6th February – BASKETBALL – Dallas Mavericks vs Portland Trailblazers

Friday 8th/Sunday 10th February – RUGBY 7s – Las Vegas

Saturday 9th February – COLLEGE BASKETBALL – University of Nevada Las Vegas vs New Mexico

Sunday 10th February – [MUSIC] – THE WHO (Las Vegas)

Tuesday 12th February – FOOTBALL – Newport County vs Mansfield

Thursday 14th February – SNOOKER – Welsh Open

Friday 15th February – [MUSIC] – Clay Pigeon, Upbeat Allstars, The Majestic – Nambucca, London

Saturday 16th February – FOOTBALL – Woking FC v Newport County

Sunday 17th February – RUGBY UNION – London Welsh vs Sale Sharks

Wednesday 27th February – [MUSIC] – Flogging Molly

Sunday 3rd March – FOOTBALL – Melbourne Victory v Newcastle United Jets

Monday 4th March – [MUSIC] – Thin Lizzy

Tuesday 5th March – [MUSIC] – Fun.

Wednesday 6th March – [MUSIC] – The Offspring

Saturday 9th March – FOOTBALL – Brisbane Roar vs Melbourne Victory

Saturday 16th March – FOOTBALL – Sydney FC v Melbourne Victory

Friday 22nd March – CRICKET – New Zealand vs England & Wales (Day 1)

Saturday 23rd March – CRICKET – New Zealand v England & Wales (Day 2)

Saturday 23rd March – SPEEDWAY – New Zealand GP

Sunday 24th March – CRICKET – New Zealand v England & Wales (Day 3)

Monday 25th March – CRICKET – New Zealand v England & Wales (Day 4)

There you go – stay tuned……..


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