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SIDECAR SPEEDWAY – Mildura, Australia


Sidecar Speedway is one of the most adrenalin fueled sports you can ever imagine. We ventured up to the Victoria and New South Wales border town of Mildura, where apparently 80% of Victoria’s grapes hale from. Mildura is famous for the aforementioned grapes, the River Murray and speedway, be it 2, 3 and 4 wheels. The superstars of world speedway have graced the dirt track of Olympic Park at one time or another and if there is one town that lives and breathes speedway racing it is Mildura. They are a different breed; the people that take part in sidecar racing. The swingers that crawl all over the back and the side of the bike whilst doing upwards of 130km/h, moving their weight around so that the bike doesn’t career off into the walls that surround the track – quite tricky considering the bikes are generally out of control throughout. Crashes are plentiful; banging bodywork is a given and excitement is guaranteed. #sidecarspeedway #mildura #victoria #australia #crash #sidecars #speedway #motorbikes #dirttrack #olympicpark



MOUNTAIN BIKE ORIENTEERING – November 7th – Anglesea, Australia

SHOW #15


The Australian Mountain Bike Orienteering Championships were held in Anglesea, Victoria. Riders from all over Australia, New Zealand and as far afield as France took to the dunes to try and win National honours.












SHEEPDOG TRIALS – November 4th – Bairnsdale, Australia

SHOW #12


Beefy & Rob traveled out to Bairnsdale in country Victoria to have a look at the local Sheepdog Trials. This was a 3 sheep trial where handlers work with their dog to manoeuvre the sheep around a course which includes a gap in the fence, a small bridge and to finish off by getting them securely in a pen.









FOOTBALL – Feb 5th – Victorian Premier League Pre-Season

I had to referee a pre-season “twilight” game between two of the better sides in Victoria’s top tier.

The first half it lashed down to a point where I nearly had to put a halt to the game, and then just after half time, the sun came out and it became so hot and steamy, it was like being in the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest it was so uncomfortable.

Anyhow, for a pre-season hit out, it was hard fought and I think quite a few of the players were trialing for contracts, so who could blame them, for going full bore, even at this stage of the season.

Funniest inceident of the game, in fact it was possibly the funniest thing I’ve heard on a football field for a long long time, if only for the outlandish of the claim, was when I didn’t give a free kick for a technical offence and the spritely Geordie striker shouted at me”Why isn’t that a free kick? It’s a free kick all day, every day in the Premier League… and I should know, because I’ve played in it!”

Well the difference between the EPL and the VPL is only 17 letters, but in reality its about 400 levels of quality. That’s some comedown.


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