PADEL – Madrid, Spain

Padel is basically a cross between tennis and squash, played with a tennis ball but with hard, spongey bats. It is huge in Spain and Latin America. We went to the end of season Masters Finals where the top 8 doubles teams in the world faced off to become “World Champion”.

Quite amazing to watch. The court itself has gates at the centre of the court either end of the net, and players can leave the court to play the ball if the situation arises. The game itself is not a matter of power. In fact, it is more about finesse and placement than anything else. Serves are underarm and the the pace is taken off the ball regularly in order to create opportunities for winners. #padel #padelmasters #madrid #spain #estrelladamm #tennis #wpt #worldpadeltour




We were staying in Madrid, some 350 kilometres away. We zoomed down to Valencia and got into the small outlying suburb of Massamagrell; or so we thought. Our GPS had taken us to the address where the Trinquet was supposed to be. There was a school and not much else, so we explored the town a little more. We eventually found Calle Trinquet, where a court was and wandered in through the huge metal gate. A couple of people were inside ready to play but no crowd. When they finally realised we wanted to see a match, they directed us to the town a couple of kilometres away. Our GPS had taken us to Massalfassar instead!!!

Finding the trinquet in Massamagrell was no mean feat either. Even though we kind of knew where it was supposed to be, there was no markings on the building or the door to get in. We drove around the small town for 30 minutes. We went to the school, the public frontons, the police station, a junior pilota club and then finally found the elusive door!!

Pilota is a traditional sport played mainly in the Valencia region. Unless you see it for yourself you won’t believe what you are seeing. Spectators sit on the steps on the court and are IN PLAY. Others sit on the court under the net and are also in play! It is truly unique and well worth seeking out if you are ever in the area. #pilotavaleciennes #valencianpilota #trinquet #fronton #pelota #valencia #spain #pucholII #raspall


UNDERWATER RUGBY – Gothenburg, Sweden

We hauled into Gotheburg and jumped in a cab. The cabbie robbed us blind but at least we got here. Underwater Rugby is alive and well in Sweden – and they bloody love it!!! Its not much of a spectator sport poolside, but under the surface, it’s bloody crazy stuff!!!

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FLOORBALL – Tampere, Finland

We met these blokes on the plane! We ended up in the Aussie Bar before heading into the Stadium. Sweden ended up beating the Finns in the Final on penalties!


HANDBALL – Herning, Denmark

We arrived in Billund, more famous for Legoland than anything else and drove up to Herning for the Quarter Final of the Women’s World Championship between arch-rivals Denmark and Sweden. Out of 15,000 there were only 50 Swedish supporters which took partisan to a new level. The atmosphere was incredible and myself and Rob managed to get courtside seats. It was a brilliant match made even better when we caught up with our Danish mate from Dubai – World Number 2 Badminton player Jan O Jorgensen, who’s girlfriend was playing for Denmark! #handball #herning #denmark #worldhandballchampionships #IHF #sweden #jyskebankboxen

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CONTROL LINE MODEL AIRCRAFT COMBAT – December 6th – World Air Games, Dubai, UAE

SHOW #38

Dubai is hosting the World Air Games and Rob & Beefy have seen some strange things. How about dog fighting with model aircraft, controlled on a wire buzzing around at around 200 km/h????






















PARAMOTORS – December 2nd – World Air Games, Dubai, UAE

SHOW #37

Dubai is hosting the World Air Games and Rob & Beefy have seen some strange things. How about you strap on a huge fan to your behind, hop in a parachute and buzz off for a fly…. Well, that’s PARAMOTORS





















FLYBOARDING – December 3rd – World Cup, Dubai, UAE

SHOW #36

Dubai is hosting the World Air Games and just to spice things up even more The World Cup of Flyboarding was taking place in amongst all the other extreme sport. Beefy & Rob get blown away by the insanity!




















GYROCOPTERS – December 1st – World Air Games, Dubai, UAE

SHOW #35

Dubai is hosting the World Air Games. Competitors from 56 Nations are attending this 12 day celebration of all things magnificent in the air. Beefy & Rob went to explore the world of the Gyrocopter (It’s pretty similar to that of the Microlight!!!)



















WINGWALKING – December 2nd – World Air Games, Dubai, UAE

SHOW #34

Dubai is hosting the World Air Games and to kick things all off in grand fashion was the Breitling Wingwalking Team. Beefy & Rob got to meet the girls and find out more about this unbelievable sport.




















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